Born in 1954, Hugo Prado grew up in Miraflores a West Coast surfing suburb of Lima-Peru, South America. His main passion, other than car races and surfing, was drawing. Hugo's father, Carlos, was a race car driver and responsible for importing vehicles, such as VOLVO's, BMW's, FIAT's, etc. into Peru. "I was the most popular kid in our neighborhood”, Hugo comments, “since my father Carlos would bring a different car from work everyday.

After working as an illustrator for major advertising agencies in Chicago, Hugo realized his life-long dream in 1987, when he decided to leave commercial art to become a full-time automotive artist and founded AutomotiveFineArt.com working in acrylic and watercolors sprayed through the airbrush, Hugo also uses technical pens to bring sharp detail to the final product. His original paintings usually take anywhere from three months to a year to complete. The 1931 Duesenberg and the Dale Earnhardt each took a year to complete.

His work can be seen on MOTORWEEK, and his prints have been sold on TV on QVC and auctioned by "The World Leader of Collector Car Auctioneers " KRUSE INTERNATIONAL. He has also been showcased in top magazines like CORVETTE FEVER, CORVETTE QUARTERLY, VETTE MAGAZINE, HOT ROD, HEMMINGS MOTORNEWS, OLD CARS WEEKLY. Hugo’s prints have been distributed by AUTOMOBILE QUARTERLY, MID AMERICA DESIGNS, CORVETTE CENTRAL, HEMMINGS MOTORNEWS, THE CHEVROLET CATALOG, DECOR and others. Among Hugo's noted collectors is JAY LENO, of the Tonight Show.

Our “in-house publishing capabilities” allows Hugo to publish his own limited edition Giclees on spectacular 8 color process. Being the artist he can match the color of his original art on all the published prints as no one can. His abilities include the use of a 4" x 5" camera with a BETTERLIGHT digital back to capture the image. He is certified by SCITEX to operate and maintain the IRIS 3000 (A giclee printer). He is also versed in Photoshop which he uses to design and layout the fine art prints and promotional materials. However, all the paintings are done by hand, no computer programs are used in any way.

"As an artist, I understand the meaning of quality and service. I provide my collectors with the best quality, from the original painting all the way to shipping”. This degree of commitment is part of what makes Hugo Prado's limited edition art prints so valuable.

Hugo Prado is available for private and corporate commissions. Galleries and collectors interested in commissions or in purchasing the prints please go to the frontpage and click on information and then contact.


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