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21. Experience the magic – just add hot water to reveal your hidden image! Set your brand apart from the crowd with this novelty Color Changing Mug. At first glance the mug appears black, but upon adding hot liquid your image comes to life with perfect clarity. This patented process has opened many new decorating options in the world of coffee mugs.

Printed with ‘Top-of-the-line’ Full color. Black mug turns white revealing the image underneath when filled with hot liquid.

21A. ONE SIDE 11 oz. (36 minimum order) $11.00 ea.* = $396.00 Total
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21B. FULL WRAP 11 oz. (36 minimum order = $450.00 Total) $12.50 ea. = $450.00 Total (Suggested retail $25.00 ea.) These are prices for images on both sides or full warp.